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February 24, 2024

Birla Science Museum in Hyderabad – Timings, Entry Fee, Address, and What to See

Birla Science Museum in Hyderabad - Timings, Entry Fee, Address, and What to See
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Birla Science Centre Hyderabad

The Birla Science Museum Hyderabad, nestled in the city’s heart, is a treasured landmark dedicated to igniting scientific curiosity and fostering a love for knowledge. Its history reflects a passionate commitment to education and a vision to make science accessible.

The story begins in 1969 when the industrialist and philanthropist, Shri G.P. Birla, established the G.P. Birla Archaeological, Astronomical & Scientific Research Institute (GPBAASRI). This institute laid the foundation for the science museum, driven by a desire to promote scientific understanding and research in India.

In 1990, the Birla Science Museum officially opened its doors. Initially occupying the first phase of the Birla Science Centre, it quickly became a popular destination for families, students, and science enthusiasts. The museum’s interactive exhibits and captivating displays offered a unique platform for learning and engagement.

Location Of Birla Science Museum Hyderabad

The Birla Science Museum Hyderabad is located at:

Birla Science Centre, Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039, India.

Birla Science Museum Hyderabad Ticket Price

The Birla Science Museum in Hyderabad has different ticket prices for various categories of visitors:

General Public:

  • Adults: ₹100 (Indian Rupees)
  • Children (3-12 years): ₹100
  • Foreign Nationals: ₹200

Special Groups:

  • Students (with valid ID): ₹50
  • School groups (above 25 students): ₹25 per student
  • Senior citizens (above 65 years): ₹50

Combo Tickets:

  • Combined Birla Science Museum & Planetarium ticket: ₹250
  • Combined Birla Science Museum, Planetarium & Art Gallery ticket: ₹325

Additional Information:

  • Children below 3 years old enter free of charge.
  • There are separate charges for special exhibits, such as the Dinosaurium and Space Museum.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the museum’s counter or online through their website:

Birla Science Museum Hyderabad Timings

Open 365 Days from 10:30 am to 8pm

Layout Of Birla Science Museum Hyderabad

The Birla Science Museum Hyderabad boasts a sprawling layout spread across two floors, each brimming with captivating exhibits and interactive experiences. Let’s delve into the wonders awaiting you:

Ground Floor:

  • Hall of Fame: Begin your journey by honoring scientific pioneers through exhibits showcasing influential inventors and Nobel laureates. Witness iconic inventions and groundbreaking discoveries that shaped the world.
  • Earth and Universe Gallery: Embark on a cosmic voyage through this gallery dedicated to the mysteries of space and our planet. Explore the vastness of the universe, delve into the Earth’s geological history, and witness captivating astronomical models. 
  • Human Biology Gallery: Discover the intricate workings of the human body in this interactive section. Explore anatomical models, witness fascinating displays on health and diseases, and learn about the amazing capabilities of our biological systems. 
  • Fun Science Hall: Ignite your inner child with playful exhibits and interactive demonstrations. Witness the magic of static electricity, build your own circuits, and unravel the mysteries of fluids through engaging activities. 
  • Dinosaur Park: Travel back in time and encounter mighty dinosaurs in this outdoor space. Life-size models and interactive displays bring these prehistoric giants to life, sparking wonder and curiosity in young minds. 

First Floor:

  • Life Science Gallery: Witness the beauty and diversity of life on Earth in this captivating gallery. Explore the evolution of various species, delve into the wonders of the animal kingdom, and learn about the interconnectedness of ecosystems.
  • Technology Park: Step into the future and witness the marvels of modern technology. Interact with robots, explore the world of virtual reality, and discover the latest advancements in robotics, communication, and artificial intelligence.
  • Energy Park: Unravel the secrets of energy in this interactive section. Learn about various renewable and non-renewable energy sources, experiment with solar panels and wind turbines, and understand the importance of conservation and sustainability.
  • Hall of Illusions: Challenge your perception and defy reality in this mind-bending space. Step into optical illusions, witness perplexing mirrors, and experience the fascinating interplay of light and perception.
  • Science on a Sphere: Embark on a global journey with this stunning 6-meter projection sphere. Witness real-time data depicting Earth’s weather patterns, ocean currents, and environmental changes, offering a mesmerizing and informative experience.

Image Gallery Of Birla Science Museum Hyderabad

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What To See In Birla Science Museum Hyderabad

With its two floors brimming with captivating exhibits and interactive experiences, the Birla Science Museum Hyderabad offers something for everyone! Here are some highlights you shouldn’t miss:

For History Buffs:

  • Hall of Fame: Pay homage to scientific pioneers and Nobel laureates through displays showcasing their groundbreaking inventions and discoveries.
  • Archaeology and Dolls Museum: Witness ancient artifacts, intricate sculptures, and a delightful collection of dolls from around the world, offering a glimpse into diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Dwaraka Diorama: Transport yourself to the submerged city of Dwaraka through a captivating life-size model, shedding light on its ancient history and architectural marvels.

For Space and Nature Enthusiasts:

  • Earth and Universe Gallery: Journey through the vastness of space, explore astronomical models, and delve into the Earth’s geological history.
  • Life Science Gallery: Immerse yourself in the diversity of life on Earth, discover fascinating facts about the animal kingdom, and learn about ecological interconnections.
  • Science on a Sphere: Witness a mesmerizing projection sphere showcasing real-time data on Earth’s weather patterns, ocean currents, and environmental changes, offering a global perspective.

For Technology Fanatics:

  • Technology Park: Interact with robots, explore virtual reality, and discover the latest advancements in robotics, communication, and artificial intelligence.
  • NRSA Gallery: Get a glimpse into remote sensing and satellite technology, understanding how it plays a crucial role in various fields.
  • IEEE Gallery: Learn about the contributions of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, exploring advancements in electrical, computer, and communication technologies.

For the Playful and Curious:

  • Fun Science Hall: Ignite your inner child with playful experiments on static electricity, circuits, and fluids, making science a fun and engaging experience.
  • Hall of Illusions: Challenge your perception in this mind-bending space with optical illusions, perplexing mirrors, and fascinating experiences that defy reality.
  • Dinosaur Park: Travel back in time and encounter life-size dinosaur models, sparking wonder and curiosity about these prehistoric giants.

Beyond the Exhibits:

  • Educational Shows and Workshops: Attend informative shows and interactive workshops on various scientific topics, enriching your understanding and igniting further interest.
  • 3D Movie Theater: Enjoy educational and entertaining films based on scientific themes, offering a captivating learning experience through the power of cinema.
  • Souvenir Shop: Take home a memento of your visit with science-themed merchandise, books, and educational kits.

How To Reach Birla Science Museum Hyderabad

There are several convenient ways to reach the Birla Science Museum Hyderabad, depending on your budget and preferred mode of travel:

Public Transport:

  • Bus: Numerous city buses from various parts of Hyderabad stop near the Birla Science Museum. Look for buses heading towards Banjara Hills or Durgam Cheruvu and ask the conductor for the best stop.
  • Metro: The nearest metro station is Secunderabad, located approximately 8km away. From there, you can take an auto-rickshaw or cab to the museum.

Taxis and Cabs:

  • Convenient and time-efficient, you can easily hail a taxi or book a ride-hailing service (Uber, Ola) for a direct journey to the museum. Inform the driver about your destination (“Birla Science Museum, Durgam Cheruvu”) for clear navigation.

Places To Visit Near Birla Science Museum Hyderabad

Here are some fantastic options within walking distance or a short ride away:

  • Hussain Sagar Lake: Take a break by the scenic Hussain Sagar Lake, enjoy a boat ride, or visit the iconic Buddha statue in the center.
  • Lumbini Park: Escape the city’s bustle and unwind in the serene Lumbini Park, offering lush gardens, waterfalls, and boating facilities.
  • Sanjeevaiah Park: Enjoy a picnic or family outing in this sprawling park, featuring a children’s play area, boating lake, and mini zoo.
  • Birla Mandir: Witness the architectural grandeur of Birla Mandir, a beautiful Hindu temple made of white marble.
  • Salar Jung Museum: Immerse yourself in the vast collection of art and artifacts at the Salar Jung Museum, housing treasures from across Asia and Europe.
  • Inorbit Mall: Indulge in retail therapy and entertainment at the vibrant Inorbit Mall, featuring diverse brands, restaurants, and a multiplex cinema.

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