November 30, 2023

Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Pooja Cost

Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Pooja Cost
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Siddhivinayak Temple Puja Rates

Our blog invites you to be a part of this sacred sojourn—a journey that intertwines the temporal with the eternal, the physical with the metaphysical. Whether you’re a seeker of divine blessings, an enthusiast of cultural heritage, or a wanderer searching for meaning, Siddhivinayak Temple Pooja beckons you to embark on a quest of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Join us as we peel back the layers of tradition, faith, and devotion and uncover the profound treasures that await within the sanctified walls of this revered temple.

Avartan Panchamrut Pooja

Avartan Panchamrut Pooja takes its name from two key elements: “Avartan,” which signifies the act of revolving or circular motion, and “Panchamrut,” a divine concoction of five factors that symbolize purity, nourishment, and the quintessence of life. Together, they create an experience that transcends the physical realm and transports the devotee to a higher plane of consciousness.

Duration:20 mins

Cost: Rs.101

Persons allowed: Two

Shree Satyanarayan Mahapooja

Satyanarayan Mahapooja at Siddhivinayak temple is the most potent and popular Pooja. The Sidhhivinayak temple is the abode of the Lord Siddhivinayak. The temple is located in Dadar in Mumbai. This Siddhivinayak temple is one of the oldest temples in the city. And also it is one of the wealthiest temples in India. During special seasons and festivals, the temple will be heavily crowded.

  • Cost: Rs.5,001/- 
  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Persons Allowed: Two-Four

Atharvashirsah Havan

Siddhivinayak Atharvashirsha Havan is the most famous Pooja in the temple. This Havan is the most powerful for devotees with lousy time and adverse effects per astrology. The devotees of the Lord Ganesha will be doing this Siddhivinayak Atharvashirsha havan at the temple in Mumbai. The Siddhivinayak temple is the most famous and influential in the country. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims will visit the temple for the darshan of the Lord Siddhivinayak.

  • Cost:1,00,000/-
  • Duration:5 hrs
  • Persons Allowed: Twentyfive – Thirty 

Shree Satya Vinayak Mahapooja

 This Pooja is generally performed by people whose family deity is Lord Ganesha. The auspicious days to fulfill this Pooja are Tuesdays, Fridays, full moon days, Vaisakha Poornima, and Ganesh Chaturthi. The Shodashopachar Pooja is performed in the temple, followed by Sahasra Namam Pooja. Naivedyam is offered to God, after which Aarti is conducted. This Pooja is performed for the birth of a child, financial growth, wedding, and prosperous family life.


Duration: 2 hrs

Persons Allowed: Two-Four


“As we conclude our contemplative journey through the realm of Siddhivinayak Temple Pooja costs, we find ourselves at the intersection of material offerings and spiritual rewards. The chapters of our exploration have been illuminated by the flickering lamps of devotion and adorned with the fragrant petals of tradition. Now, as we pen the final words, we invite you to join us in a moment of reflection that encapsulates this sacred practice’s essence.

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