November 30, 2023
Top 5 NGOs in Mysore
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In this blog, we embark on a journey to uncover the top 5 NGOs in Mysore that have left an indelible mark on the city’s landscape. These organizations epitomize the power of collective action and its profound impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Join us as we delve into these exceptional NGOs’ stories, missions, and achievements. They are the unsung heroes of Mysore, making a difference one life at a time. Their efforts are a testament to the potential for transformative change within every city’s heart. In Mysore, these organizations have become the embodiment of hope, compassion, and progress.

Here is the list of the top 5 NGOs in Mysore:

1-Akshaya Patra Foundation, Mysore

Address: ISKON Temple Complex, Jayanagar Extension,Mysore – 570014, Karnataka, India.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation works in partnership with the Central and various State Governments of India to provide mid-day meals to children in Government Schools and Government-aided schools. Currently, the Foundation reaches to underprivileged children Over 1.6 Million Children in 13,636 Schools across 12 States in India and is conferred as the World’s Largest NGO-run Mid-Day Meal Program. The mission is to reach 5 million children.

2-Divya Jyothi Charitable Trust, Mysore

Address: Door No-02, 12th Cross, 8th Main Rd, Dattagalli 3rd Stage, Mysuru, Karnataka 570033

The Divya Jyothi Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization based in India that works towards empowering individuals with disabilities to lead a life of dignity and independence. Established in 2010, the has been working towards building a more inclusive society for people with disabilities.

Issues Addressed: Differently abled, Children, Education, Health & Family Welfare

This Trust offers a range of programs and services that cater to the diverse needs of people with disabilities. These include special education programs, vocational training programs, assistive technology programs, and community-based rehabilitation services. They also provide counselling and guidance services to help individuals with disabilities and their families cope with their challenges.

3-Asha Kirana Charitable Trust, Mysore

Address: No. Ca-1, Ring Road, Hebbal Industrial Housing Area Mysuru, Karnataka 570016

The Asha Kirana Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization established in 1997 in Bangalore, India. The aim is to provide care and support to people with HIV/AIDS and their families.

  • Issues Addressed: HIV/Aids

The Trust provides a range of services, including medical care, counselling, nutrition support, and vocational training to help people living with HIV/AIDS live fulfilling life. The Trust works with several hospitals and clinics in Bangalore to provide medical care to people living with HIV/AIDS. It also offers counselling services to help people deal with the emotional and psychological impact of living with the virus.

The Asha Kirana Charitable Trust is funded through donations from individuals and corporations. It has a team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that people with HIV/AIDS receive the care and support they need.

4-Kalisu Foundation, Mysore

Address: 2nd floor, Diya Arcade, 1/B, Kantharaja Urs Rd, near Fire Brigade, Kukkarahalli, Saraswathipuram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570009

The Kalisu Foundation is a charitable trust established in Mysore, India, to promote educational and economic development in the local community. Its primary goal is to provide quality education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Foundation also runs a vocational training program to equip underprivileged youth with essential skills to help them gain employment.

This Foundation also works to provide healthcare, shelter, and other support services to the poor and marginalized in Mysore. It has collaborated with local governments and other organizations to implement projects that have improved the lives of people in the region. The Foundation has also organized events and activities to engage children, youth, and adults in the community.

5-Green Dot Trust, Mysore

Address: 917, 5th Main Rd, behind Mylara Darshini Hotel, Aravinda Nagar, Kuvempu Nagara, Mysuru, Karnataka 570023

Green Dot Trust is a non-profit organization based in Mysore, India, that provides a platform for developing and growing sustainable, eco-friendly projects in the city. The Trust works with the government and the local community to create a better environment for everyone. The Trust promotes environmental awareness and green living in Mysore through various initiatives while encouraging sustainable practices. 

The Trust has organized several workshops and events, such as waste management programs, tree plantation drives, and green energy projects. It has also built a green campus in Mysore, which houses a green and renewable energy park. The Trust also works with schools, colleges and universities to create awareness about environmental issues. In addition, it promotes the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, and provides financial assistance to green projects.


In conclusion, Mysore, a city renowned for its palaces, gardens, and cultural heritage, also shines brightly due to the incredible work of its non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The top 5 NGOs in Mysore, explored in this blog, stand as beacons of hope and service in the community. They demonstrate the city’s commitment to addressing critical issues and making a lasting impact.

As you discover the stories and endeavours of these remarkable NGOs, you can’t help but be inspired by their dedication, resilience, and compassion. Mysore’s NGOs enrich the lives of the city’s residents and contribute to the city’s social and environmental well-being.

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